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Marica Law
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Well finally! It has taken me a bit to get this project completed. I am having major difficulty with the text tool. Sometimes the text stays active and sometimes it does not. Sometimes I try to put in new text but end up changing the old text. Obviously I need more practice. I am learning a lot and eager to try a few things moving forward. One thing I forgot to mention on project 4 was that I was having a lot of trouble getting the white frame to ‘fill in.’ I ended up having to change the tolerance level much higher to cover over the pine boughs. Took me a bit to figure that out. On to project 5 – in retrospect, probably should have used a plain paper instead of the print, but it was so pretty. It meant that I was not able to get a good contrasting colour so I used black and increased the reach of the shadow. I know that we could manipulate the 4 hexagons, but I will have to go back and see if you can change the size of the hexagons. Do you have to change one and then all the others or is there a short cut for that? Last question, I would like to print my creations, is there something special that I need to do? Save as a particular size, type, etc.? I would like to print on photo paper – 8.5 x 11 and put a frame around it if possible. Any guidance would be appreciated.

In closing, I have enjoyed this session and learned an awful lot. It has also shown me that there is so much more to learn. The creativity of all the participants has been incredible. I look at the finished products and say – that was neat, I should have done that, how did they do that, where did they get those cool elements.

Thanks so much Carole and all participants.

Stay safe and keep creating!