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fiona cook
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Project 5 redo. Thanks Carole for pointing me in the right direction as far as keeping a vector copy of text as well as rasterising the text. I was having trouble saving my PSP file so I decided to redo it. My first file was 722MB. My redo is down to 53MB. I think the smaller file size has helped with the processing as I had no trouble saving or converting to jpg. The jpg now contains the body text that had previously not appeared. Happy bunny. I have reuploaded file below.

In the process I have come across some useful buttons in the option bar for spacing out objects evenly. I could select all the object layers of my squares at once (in shift) and click on the button ‘Distribute Horizontal Left’. Voila! I came across these buttons because I was trying to rescale all the squares at once using the handles. I could see the handles surrounding the multiple collection of squares but it wouldn’t let me drag a corner square to rescale. Don’t know why.

In Day 12 you asked for tips and tricks of ours that we could share. One tip of my own I can share with those who haven’t yet approached the projects in this way, is to prepare the exercises first by gathering the elements and doing a draft sketch of intentions for the design. In support of that method, a collection of papers, elements and photos etc, arranged into folders has helped with organisation. When I joined the Bootcamp in March I was not prepared in this way and everything took a lot longer than for the May Bootcamp.

Yes the subject and the software does grab you so you can’t put the projects down. I now understand what some of you have been saying all along. Thank you again for a good introduction.