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Glenson Jones
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Thanks for the solution to my disappearing text. I’ve learned something else!!

And yes, I had forgotten to add the shadows that time.

You would think that, as I have been retired for a long time, I would have lots of free time……. but the reverse is true.

I am doing things now which I would never have considered while I was working. In addition to gardening and other household chores, yesterday I spend a couple of hours playing bridge on-line with some friends and then watched a two and a half hour opera and also about an hour facetimeing with a grandchild. He was playing some of his classical violin pieces he was learning for his university.

Thanks for your time. I learned quite a few things about PSP during this bootcamp. I have used PSP for quite a few years but primarily to process photographs prior to printing or paining (I also use Corel Painter to do digital fine art).