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Euka, I like the fact that you are already thinking of changes to your layout. That is something you can do all day long: changing the elements, changing the papers, changing the colors, etc. Glad you liked this Bootcamp.

Cristina, have you been using photos of the same people throughout? As you keep hiding their faces, I guess it is. If so, it will make a nice album for them!

Glenson, a wrapped text will not resize like the rest of a project. That is a bit of an annoyance with that function. The reason is that the selection you made to keep the text inside, does not resize (although it is still there) so the text is stuck in that selection that ends up outside of the image. That is one reason why it is important to make a duplicate of that Text layer and rasterize it. Then, it will resize and be visible. On your project, did you forget the shadows on your papers?

Mary, your frame is great! Isn’t it fun to explore the tools in PSP? Although there are filters that can give more effects, I tend to focus on the native tools of PSP as they are already so powerful! As for the color, I’ll dig it up but there is one setting that seems to affect the colors of the display. I’ll let you know what it is.

Janice, personally, I find that the pink background shows up the details a bit more while the red background seems a bit overpowering. That is just my opinion. It is so cute to add that text bubble to the prairie dogs! Very clever. I noticed that your shadows are a little large for your elements. It does give a bit of the impression they papers and photos and titles are floating off the paper. For elements that are supposed to be “glued” to the paper, a thinner, and more opaque shadow would be more realistic.

Isabel, that is a cutie!!! I would suggest removing the shadows on the text as it makes it a little harder to read. Making a second layout without the video means that you are getting used to some tools! Good work.