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Mireille, très jolies fleurs. Puis-je suggérer de déplacer la fleurs qui est en bas à droite juste pour éviter de la couper sur le bord de la page? Je crois qu’il manque une ombre sur le papier à pois en bas des photos.

Tami, I am glad you jumped in, even if only today. On the first project, is that a photo of your family? If so, you might want to add a date! You look already comfortable with the shadows. That is good!

Shirley, glad to see those pinking edges! I think you might have forgotten some shadows, like on the photos, on the ricrac on top and the little bees. If those flowers are in your garden, why not say so on the project??

Krystyna, I think you have learned that this new hobby might become addictive! That photo of your granddaughter is adorable and beautifully showcased!

Sue, that last project is so delicate. That lace frame is great!

Dawn, those are great family photos. Is it possible that you slightly squished the middle photo a little bit? On your last project, I think that some of the shadows are inconsistent with others. I see the shadows of the photos toward the bottom left, while the papers have a shadow toward the bottom right. Another tip is about the shadow on your title. Although it is ok to add a shadow on titles (as if the letters are cut from papers for example), it mostly works on simple fonts; you are using a curly and thin font, so the shadow makes a double line which affects the legibility. I think that in this case, the shadow would not be necessary.

Mary, I see what you mean about wanting the eye to go to the top too. Maybe you can find a different single flower that is a bit larger? Would that balance to your liking? I think in the rainbow project, one boot has a double shadow. Is that possible? I love reading about all the things you learned in this Bootcamp. That was the whole goal!

Fiona, the text not resizing is a particular annoyance of the Wrapped text: in fact, the selection you created to enclose your text is still there but that didn’t resize either, so your text is in the selection which is outside of your image. That is another reason to have a duplicate of the Text layer and rasterize it. That will resize as expected.

Joy, I am glad that you are getting more comfortable with the Text tool. It has so much potential to create interesting effects. One suggestion I would offer for your project is to move up the AK a little bit. The eye sees how it is just cut off a tiny bit on the edge. Or maybe it is just me being picky?

Darcy, you are playing well with the shadows. Your explanation that the arrow was made of a thicker material would definitely be associated with a larger shadow BUT you can at the same time, lower the opacity and increase the blur. Not by much, but a little bit more than for papers for example.

Jose, you don’t need to ask for forgiveness as it is ok to create this layout. The only reason I suggest following the tutorials a bit closer is to help me determine which project each participant submitted, but also to ensure that you practice the various techniques shown in the videos. But maybe you are already familiar with them?

Keep your projects coming. Remember that if you post 4 of the 5 projects, your name will be entered into our random draw on Monday night.

Although you have received your last project, you still have a couple of emails coming your way.