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Krystyna Nicholls
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Day 10:  the one main thing that I have learnt:

Rubber:  creating fancy edges to a paper so that it looks like it has been cut by shearing scissors.  I now have other ideas on how I can use it to create different cut-outs.

But that is not all I have learnt:

Text tool:  duplicating the vector layer and promoting it to a raster layer for when you want to add shadows etc.  Then, should  you find you have a typo you can go back to your vector layer and amend the text.

Scrapbooking:  I have not been a scrapbooker before and found that I quite like it.  It adds another dimension to your photos, rather than just adding a border or a shadow.  I have also been inspired by all the projects that have been posted, everyone has submitted awesome work.  I am now looking forward to creating my own projects and see where they take me.  I have some digital photo albums to create that will make lovely keepsake presents.