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Cindy, I am happy that some of those checking are becoming more “automatic” for you. That will make your work easier and easier over time. I also notice that you have no more distorted photos!

Euka, when the Accept is not available, it is usually because it was not edited, and was previously accepted.  There are ways that it will automatically accept for you, for example, if you change layer in the Layers palette.

Marica, nice page. All those new terms for you can make your head spin! Plugins and filters are extra little programs that can help apply some effects to your photos or elements. Tubes are typically Picture tubes, which are tools integrated in PSP. We have had a couple of classes about picture tubes, but if you want a little bit more information, you can read this article and this one.

Darcy, for your feather, the shadow is visible. Since the feather is something light and “fluffy”, you can try with a larger shadow but more blurred and fainter.

Joan, your bow would be ok but you might have wanted to change the color to match the yellow from your title. You can do that with Adjust > Hue and Saturation > Colorize and adjust the left slider to get a yellowish color. That is the beauty of using PSP for scrapbooking: you can tweak the elements you have to match what you want (without having to buy another one!)

Ruth, in order to change the color of the text, was the whole text highlighted? If not, the color is not applied to anything.

For those wondering about the 4-Way Simple Filter, let’s say that it is an OLD plugin that is only a 32-bit plugin so it will only work on the 32-bit version of PSP, however, it might not work with newer versions. I am not sure if it is because of missing dll files, but right now, it does not work for me on any version (but I upgraded my computer and my Windows version so maybe that is part of the cause?). You can find it under S on this page.