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Euka Euka
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Love Cindy’s enthusiasm (and her pages)  it is quite catching!!   So many interesting pages, great work being produced.

I am still on the same colour theme with my page, I went a little off course from the tute but think I covered all the elements and it was nice to learn a couple of new things again – the erasure cutting and the border selection both will come in handy.  My centre paper was cut from one of the photos and I never used any paper strips.  The back ground was once again a photo,  actually the bottom right one using the Simple 4 way average filter. The autumn leaves this time were a tube.  Changing the colours of the main heading didn’t look right to me on this page but I did it on the smaller wording.

One thing I notice Carole you always ‘accept’ when using the text tool,  that is something I had never done until the Wise Words challenge but I find it is not always available to click after the very first  typing.   Is it important to accept?  What does the accepting actually do?  Thanks.