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cindy harris
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Hi Carole I had so much fun and I could do everything. I did get stuck but I remembered to check settings. Thank you! Your the best Teacher, Nicest Lady. Oh man I had so much fun and I borrowed your little bee and put em all over my page. Oh I made a tube from the bee, and tubed walmart and a car, and I put a bee in Bruces Christmas Bonnet. hahahah so much fun. I must of spent 700 dollars on scrapbooking stuff and never used any but stuck some stickers on some cards. This Scrapbooking this way, so
much fun. I mean when you know how to tweak this setting and that setting. And the layers didnt bug me this time at all. Oh man this is fun! Thank You Carole. I love this page the most.

Invasion of bees at walmart in Arkansas lol The bottom pic is Bruce sitting with his toys. And the walmart is his Fall Camo outfit, did you see his sunglasses. Yes hes a service dog, everyone loves him. But Men he dont let men come near us without telling them, that’s close enough. Bruce Lee was my last rescue, all his homes fell thru 3rd one I gave up. And told him were stuck with each other Bruce Lee. He is the only dog I couldn’t stand from git go. But now I couldn’t part with him hes my baby.