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Mireille, excellent montage. N’oublie pas dy ajouter une date; tu risques de ne pas t’en rappeler, dans 10 ans!

Glenson, that is cool that you had that same kit! I am a little puzzled by your shadows. Typically, I would say that those are making your elements look like they are floating, BUT, they are so consistent and realistic that the whole project almost looks like a “shadow box” as if those elements were voluntarily layered and spaced from each other. The result is quite eye-pleasing!

Mary, maybe what is “missing” is balance on your layout. Find an element or a piece of paper to occupy the bottom left corner. Maybe just move those flowers and make a little cluster in that area? Just an idea.

Fiona, that is definitely a colorful layout. When you need to fill a thin area, you might have to zoom in so that you can see where you click.

Sue, it is always a delight to look at your wonderful photos! Those woodpeckers are gorgeous.

Lynda, the black and white photos are beautifully displayed in that last project.

Marica, good improvement on that project. And yes, shadows can make a BIG difference in a layout.

Jose, what are those frames? They are great. I think I would reduce the opacity of the shadows a bit more. They show as very “hard”. But they are very consistent, which is good.

Krystyna, did you create the two words separately? If so, that is why they were on separate layers, and that is ok. You can always rearrange the layers and personally, I do find it easier to have separate words or texts on separate layers.

Isabel, you are definitely showing all that you are learning and in the process, you are making wonderful pages.