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Krystyna Nicholls
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Project 4 (Day 9) Busy Bees, although I titled mine, “Blowing Bubbles”, as this was the theme of my 4 pictures, rather than three.  Took me a while as I created the two thin paper strips using Filters Unlimited 2.0.  I still find the text tool a little challenging.  The coloured text ended up somehow on a separate layer, so I had to merge down. Not sure what that is all about.  I got there in the end.

Loved using the eraser as a cutting tool to create the sheared edges, that was new to me.

I find that I like making background papers, and on experimenting with different effects I have a couple more added to my collection.  The accents used were also from collections I had from many years ago.  Tried to make my own bubbles, but that’s another story, and it didn’t go very well so I lost some time there.