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fiona cook
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For Project 4 I chose my own subject based on an amazingly colourful and fun day at Notting Hill Carnival last year which turned out to be one of the highlights for my niece-in-law’s first ever visit to the UK and to Europe. My image just gives a flavour of the day so I’ll have to do some more and send them to her.

My difficult bits on this project came when using the Selection to create the border in that it was difficult to hit the right part on the border when applying the colour. I concluded that I needed to click on the outer edge of the selection border. Not sure whether that was just luck though. Also to highlight the border with the Magic Wand tool I had to click twice each time otherwise the selection appeared around the whole page image. Again not sure if that was luck or technique.

Thank you Carole for your useful replies to previous queries.