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Cindy, great to see your Friendship project and all the photos are resized correctly: no distortion at all! One suggestion about the text: when you use a handwriting font, it typically looks like it is handwritten, and that is always a little bit harder to read, and never needs a shadow, which is unnecessary if you had written with a pen, right? It is different with a title as it is usually large enough to read.

Euka, did you save your project once before you closed it? If the file has been saved once, you might have had an auto-saved version of your project. Something to look into and one reason to save at least once, in the beginning, so there is a named file to “auto-save”. Your alternative to the glitters is a great one and works well with your project theme.

Fiona, the Pick tool IS picky in that it often reverts to the Perspective mode without warning! In older versions, it would stay to the mode you last used, but for several versions now, it does that. Very annoying as you found out!

Cristina, that is an interesting way to use the “three-photo arrangement” for a single photo!

Dawn, choosing the supplies or the photos is probably the toughest part of digital scrapbooking 🙂 One thing that you will discover is that, with PSP, you can alter the color of an element or a paper to suit your photo!

Joan, I have added an article on selecting text once it is applied if you want to edit it. You can read it HERE.

Glenson, removing the shadow from the journaling makes it much easier to read, even in the small format of 600 pixels.

June, welcome to the Bootcamp. Your first scrapbook pages are adorable. What a great photo to showcase first! Good use of the shadows.

Joy, you found some great supplies for your project and it is a perfect match for the theme.