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Lynda DiGregor
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We have been spending the winter in a campground on the Colorado River near Hoover Dam. It’s called Willow Beach. We probably won’t be going back as it was bought out and it is no longer as nice as it has been in the past. No internet or cell unless you want to pay through the nose on top of the cost of staying there. It was a favorite because it is a really nice set up as far as RV’s are concerned and it is very close to Las Vegas but the cost has gone through the roof with all the extras that were not extras for the first 3 years we were there. We are looking for someplace else now. We also visit my sister in law in Tucson. The Biosphere is there and worth a visit. Are you from that area…I also lived in Tempe and Mesa a lifetime ago. They are suburbs of Phoenix.

The tutorial is from another learning site,Beginners Workshop. It’s free but nothing like Carole. They teach a lot of technical stuff but really are not very user friendly.  Picky, picky ,picky! If you don’t mind being treated like a two year old then you can learn a lot of technical stuff about PSP. If not they’ll just piss you off. But again it is free and all the mentors are volunteers so you have to have a bit of patience.

Carole is very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to get along with. If you ask her she will probably help you out with the marquetry or anything else that you have a question about. I can’t guarantee that as I’m sure she is pretty busy but give it a go. She is pretty special.