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Darcy, your observation about the shadows is an interesting one. When the elements don’t seem to have an edge on the right or bottom, those “traditional” shadows look a little odd. One way to address that is to slightly move the elements so those right/bottom edges are visible. Another way (which was not addressed in this Bootcamp) is to add what I call a “fake shadow”, which is a small and faint shadow in the opposite direction (top/left) to give a sense of dimension. It is not an exact science but it is one way around. On the other hand, you made the choice to change the orientation of the shadows but you were very consistent and applied the same one to all the element and that means that you do understand the principles behind them. Kuddos!

Theresa, did you have coffee or tea or something else?

Euka, thanks for answering Mary’s question about the Four-way average filter.

Sue, those robins are showcased in such a lovely way. Thank you for all the explanations you are sharing with our newcomers (and not-so-newcomers too).

Jose, you are correct in the fact that the colored glitters might not suit all types of photos or projects and you are quite resourceful in finding an alternative. I am happy that you found a picture tube too. Those are often underused tools in PSP!

Krystyna, you certainly managed to get a nice striped paper. Inside the membership, we do have a few tutorials just on how to make those striped papers from scratch with exactly the colors you need, but your creativity shows that you are not afraid of going a step further, and the result is lovely!

Lynda, what is the font you used for your Garden layout? I find it so interesting!

Shirley, I love how you ACCIDENTALLY added a 4th image! Good work.

Janice, in your project, i think your shadows are a little bit wider than they should be and a bit lower opacity than they should, at least for the paper/photo elements. That shadow is ok for the thicker elements, but for the flat and thin elements, try to adjust those values. You will see that different shadows on different elements, will give even more realistic look. And yes, working digitally is definitely faster (and less messy) than traditionally. Your other project for your Senior Center Scrapbook is great! Is that the first page of that scrapbook?

Glenson, the text to read is a little difficult to read at this size. Is it easier with the full-size project? If so, maybe you can try removing the shadow completely on that element? Those photos are really telling a fun story! I hope you share that with your friends!

Isabel, happy to see that you are learning about those new tools. You will see that they will be useful in the future. On your project, I think you might have forgotten the shadows on the photos and the round tag at the bottom. Is this possible?

Joan, your tweaking the layout to fit your photos is an excellent strategy. That is how you can use the same technique, in a different way and have a project that suits YOUR photos. One suggestion I would make is to try to avoid writing over two (or more) different surfaces. When you think of it, you would probably not write with a pen over two papers, would you?