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Sue Thomas
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Wonderfully  creative projects being  submitted. Well done everyone!

For me this was a quick easy  page to put together.  I had previously  chosen my photos for the  boot camp.  I always start with photos, and the rest slips into place, well most of the time anyway.  I used Cassel’s gold glitter, as I wanted a colour close to the colour of the Robin’s beak, which wasn’t  anywhere else in the project.  The lace edge, is one of Cassel’s  lace fonts, which  are delicate, and  beautiful to use in any project. Cassel’s corner punches are another favourite of mine.  I  took a colour from the  robin, for the background paper, and used the blinds texture. The punched paper, is a gradient I made myself  from a tutorial from the calendar challenge. The word ROBIN, is a  font called playtime, where I changed the direction  of the text,  converted to a raster,  inner bevelled, and drop shadowed.  I used a tutorial in the lab, which is available to those that subscribe, called  photo cutout on the   main photo, which is placed in a blue frame   using the  selection, modify,  select selection borders, for the frame, and another  gradient I made to fill.