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cindy harris
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Hi Carole,
as you know I love my liquorice that I bought from your store. I even ran liqurish around with the Script you gave us instead of the rope first, Man that was fun but then did it like you said I love my teacher. You, Carole What a wonderful giving and full of Ideas lady you are. God puts me with good ppl You have helped me so much weather this storm, being unhugged for 55 days locked down with my last rescue who I kept because all his homes fell thru. Now I couldnt part with him it was meant to be. I love this lil rascals and I love YOU. Thank you for all your patience.

I made the colors in the Hiding because I know I got the picture in the tube and I got the stripes in the Fun lesson but it was so hard I kept following your instructions and Trish helped me too and finaly got that paper in the Template I was so happy. But I couldn’t do it on the Hiding so colored it in. I want to learn this going to practice again now. On pixel she has photoshop I thought it was paintshop and never could do it at all. But on photoshop you just turn a button and its done? Isnt there a easy way to put papers ect in templates so you can use papers and not have to color it in like on my hiding. CAROLE WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING LIKE YOU, LIKE SOME I HAVE DONE ITS SO FUN… FUN FUN FUN… THANK YOU I might of lost my mind during this if I didn’t have you. Thank YOU THank YOu…