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Joy, very nice flower. I can see why you want to showcase it. Good catch on the repost with the shadows! On your title, you have used a white outline. Have you tried without that outline? I wonder if it would make the text a little easier to read? For your project 2 (Day 5), it is simple, yet effective for displaying your favorite photos.

Sue, just a quick question; is the Day 4 project one of the Bootcamp project or an extra you made? I am just checking so I can keep track of the projects posted.

Glenson, that title makes me smile as it is PERFECT for that photo!!! Good job in colorizing the paper to match the photo. That is the beauty of digital work!

Krystyna, I am glad you discovered that one detail with the Text tool that will make your life easier. Although it was not in the tutorial, I see that you are using elements that would (if done in traditional paper scrapbooking) fairly thick (the flowers and the leaves). Try to add a much larger shadow (like 25 or 30 of offset) with a blur of 30 but an opacity of 30 or so. See how it looks.

Lynda, that layout could definitely be framed!!! Nice result!

Fiona, to answer your question about the drop shadow, if you have applied it on a separate layer, yes, you could then remove that layer and add another one. If, on the other hand, you have not applied the shadow on its own layer, it is quite difficult to remove without messing up the rest. That is why I strongly suggest one adds those shadows on a new layer.

Jose, you worked hard and very efficiently on your layout. It is a great looking page. You have a great tip to rasterize anything that has a text if you are to send the pspimage version to someone else. I see you used a “fancier” A for the title. I can suggest that you read this article on using fancy fonts (if you can find some, you will see how addictive they can be).

Isabel, it is totally ok to not use the supplies I suggest if they don’t fit with your photo or your vision of a project. And using existing supplies in PSP is also the simplest way to go.

Cindy, you are progressing very very well. I see that you resized the photo without distortion and you added shadows everywhere! Good job!

Theresa, nice photo for you to use. Your photo of John has some stains. We have some classes in the Master Classes to help with improving old photos. Something you might want to look into, in the future (not now).

Marica, when you want to stop working on a project but you don’t want to lose everything, save it as a .pspimage format. That will keep all your layers intact and you can simply reopen it the next time you open your computer or your program. It is ALWAYS a good idea to keep a .pspimage version, even when you are done, in case you find a typo or want to change something. For saving your supplies, I would suggest that you create a “main” folder called something like “Graphic resources” or “Scrapbooking” or even “PSP resources”, then inside that, you can have one folder called “kits”. Just make sure you start with a sort of organization right away, because those supplies multiply faster than bunnies! You have a look at this article on organizing scrapbooking supplies. On your project, I think you might need to add shadows on the photo and paper, and I am not sure the white element needs some. It looks like a paint splash that would likely not have enough thickness to need a shadow. Try and see how it looks.

Shirley, nice and simple. That photo is great on its own!