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Marica Law
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Hello Everyone. I took this picture of an incredible waterfall in Jamaica. We ended up climbing the entire way up to the top stopping to rest in the pools that were formed by the cascading water. We also managed to get under a few of the waterfalls and get totally soaked. Enjoyed this project as I had to try and find a photo to work with the kit and then select appropriate components to build my page. I had a lot of difficulty with the text. I will try again tomorrow after reviewing the video again. I am confused with bringing the text to a different layer. With a good night’s sleep and clear eyes, I will give it another go. Carole, I have a few questions. Sometimes I can’t sit and do a complete project at one time. Should I be saving my work and if so, how & where, or do I just leave the program open on my computer? Currently I am saving ‘kits’ in a folder on my desktop. Should I be saving these ‘kits’ for future use in the program somewhere? Thanks.