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Jose Marquez
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I decided to once again showcase my wife in today’s lesson. First, I got a kit where it was suggested to go. I actually got two…. LOL. I then chose the background from the kit. I then added a larger canvas size by 300 pixels. Changed the color to what you see. I then picked the selection tool and set the size by 25. I drew the selection on the blue portion of the background layer. Picked the chisel tool and put the color on white and transparent. That made the chisel effect you see. I deselected the selection tool. I then picked the three pictures. My pictures are very large from the camera. I do it on purpose as in the past I have messed up pictures by resizing. I resized one to my liking. I made the pictures all the same size by stacking them to size the same, then separating and put in order as seen as they are on separate layers. I picked the PSP frame and made sure that it was set up to do the layer only. I then added the rest of the individual items such as the tag, the travel and adventure lettering. The adventure letter “A” was done separately in order to give it that extra tilt. The plane was a tube from PSP. I picked the text that went on the label for place and date. Picked the color to the blue background. I then put a shadow on all the items I wanted to do. Finally, I added my signature which is a font I had made when I used WordPerfect a long, long, long time ago from a vendor in their magazine. I then rasterized the signature and placed it. Hint, if you sign with a font, it must be rasterized cause if you send the PSP file to someone, it will not show up if they do not have the same font on their computer. That’s it. I think I followed all the rules today….LMAO. A plus was my wife really liked it…LOL