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fiona cook
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Good evening. Thank you Carole for your recent tips and I think the moving of Selections may have sunk in to me now.

My chosen subject matter for Project 2 is A Midsummer Night’s Dream using a photo I took at a production by The Lord Chamberlain’s Men, last year. So sad we won’t be able to go to anything like that this year. Funnily I believe there are lines in the play: “Take pains. Be perfect.” “If we shadows have offended, Know but this and all is mended”. That’s what happened.  My drop shadow effect on the title in my image just didn’t look right on the fine type I had chosen so I left it off. I tried different values but none looked right. I did duplicate the text before trying to apply the shadow effect so went back to that. Is there a way of deleting the drop shadow if you change your mind though?