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Sue Thomas
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Cristina,  I couldn’t agree more, there isn’t anything that escapes Carole!  I  was up at the crack of dawn, had my  cup of tea outside with my usual digestive biscuit, while listening to the dawn chorus.  Watching the tree Swallows above me in the tree, close to their  bird house, inspired me to  create  todays  page.  I’ve tried to keep  the  page as close to the  tutorial.  Pardon the pun Carole!  I couldn’t resist.   You say candies, and I say sweets!  Do you get it!!!!  🙂  Now for the page I created.  I used adjustment layers to create the framed photo.  Extracted the birds and branches from  a photo.  Corner punches, text on a curve, and  round candies script.   I moved the  letters around, placing some above, and other below each  other.  I’d like to congratulate everyone on such  beautiful pages, each and everyone is unique and creative.  Not to mention inspirational.  Well done.