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Shirley, yes I know you are thinking outside the box!

Euka, it is great to see that even though you used almost exactly the same arrangement as in the lesson, the result is completely different. Good work on the shadows!

Glenson, the rubber duckie is a fun addition to the tub! Just out of curiosity, was your photo that small, or did you size it down? If it was that small, it is good that you didn’t enlarge it. If it was larger to start, we probably would have loved to see those handsome looking guys! 😉

Mary, text is a tricky element to add shadows to. If you are using a font with a look like it would be made of cut out papers, then you would add a shadow. It it is supposed to be written on your project (handwritten or printed), then the ink would not have a thickness so no shadows. That is probably why it looked odd when you added some. Organizing your supplies will be important as you gather some stash of resources and projects you will create. So it is a good thing you are starting now to do it

Jose, you will not be kicked out of the class, don’t worry. Your layout is similar enough to the lesson that I can recognize it, and it is great that you are explaining what you did as it will not only inspire others, but guide them to possibly try something similar. One thing I would suggest is to look at the shadows. I think you could use them more, especially on the photos that are framed with a color quite similar to the background.

Cristina, good idea to direct to the tutorial (although it is only for the DIAMOND members, so if you are not, you won’t be able to reach it). Did you add some shadows to the confetti? Maybe it does not show because of the resize?

Marica, I agree with you that the blue kit that was suggested in the lesson definitely would not have suited this photo. You are pretty resourceful to have found all those elements and they blend together very well. As your first project, it is very good, so with more and more resources, you will feel more comfortable over time. Looking forward to the next projects.

Joy, I hope that exercise on layers was helpful.

Joan, isn’t that great to have the option to change your mind? Can you imagine trying to do that to a paper project?