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Mary Solaas
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Hi, Carole and friends!

Yes I went back to Sammy and Charlie this morning and added shadows, changed the font of the date.  I really had trouble getting that rectangle to go horizontal! played with giving shadow to the text but that didn’t look right.  I had to keep your tutorial up and refer back to it frequently both yesterday and today.  I am playing around with where to put the projects and where to put scrapbooking tools.  I decided to make new folders under Corel Paint Shop Pro main heading since I have several copies of PSP as I almost always get the upgrade in Ultimate.  You had mentioned in one of your pdf books that PSP 7 or 8 is better at getting an old colored photo which is faded with time to “smarten up” and look like new.  For some reason I had a problem with finding drop shadow until I went over your tutorial this morning.  Love how you teach.