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Darcy, glad you found one trick to make your life easier with PaintShop Pro. Blurring the background photo is a great way to use any photo, even a bad one. To create bear track tubes (or tubes of any tracks), you can do it manually but there is also a useful tool that several members have been using, which is the Custom Directional Tuber script (of course, you need to know how to use scripts too! 😉 )

Glenson, thanks for sharing your process to get your brown bread. Those instructions might help other participants.

Robert, just to make things clear for me to track, was the Scrapbook cover a separate project or your Project #1?

Sue, that is an interesting twist on the basic design. That round photo makes it unique.

Fiona, the crop command is always applying to the image, and not the layer. Some commands are like that, so you have to find a different way to achieve the result you want. In order to move a Selection, you have to right-click on the selection and you should be able to move it. You can check this article that uses that tip.

Krystyna, even if following the exact same tutorial, your layout is completely different. Isn’t that great? You have managed the shadows pretty well too!

Marica, you seemed to have resized the image correctly for the forum! and don’t worry, you should be able to catch up. You still have almost 2 weeks! Although we might not see how to change colors, it can definitely become a tutorial.

Cindy, you are definitely improving as you are getting more comfortable with your PSP!

Lynda, you are using those confetti very nicely with that theme!

Carol, that is a great start! I really thought you used the perspective on purpose as it is really fitting well in the page. You will see that there are a LOT more of those tutorials in the Campus 🙂

Shirley, that is a cute take on the title of “New kid on the block”! And that photo is fantastic!

Isabel, it is ok if you don’t have a date. After all, with the layered version of your project, you can add the exact date later! I think, however, that you resized the photo in height and not from a corner handle, which tends to squish that cute little face!

Janice, with your photography skills, and your comfort with the program, I am sure you will make wonderful and professional looking albums, I promise! If I could give one suggestion is to make your shadow a bit smaller on the text, as it is expected to be flush on the paper (unlike the plane, which is ok to fly off!). It would make your title even easier to read too.

Mary, I like how you use the strip horizontally instead of vertically like I did it. The result is great. Have you added some shadows? Either they are missing, or they are too small. Have a peek at your layered version and see.

Joan, that is ok to use the suggested kit. That is why I suggested it! For a first scrapbook page, it is a great intro into your little world. Are we going to see more of your garden?

Mireille, excellent début. Une suggestion pour ta page: note le coeur plus épais en haut de ta photo. Il serait plus logique de l’avoir SUR la photo que dessous! (Translation: a suggestion for your page: notice that the thick heart on top of the photo, it would be more logical to have it ON TOP of the photo than UNDER)

There is no new lesson tomorrow, so those who have not completed their first page, or those who started late, that will be one day for you to catch up.