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Carol Little
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May Challenge – Day 3

Sorry to be late to the party… I did not see the emails till today and now I am trying to catch up.

I consider myself to be an experienced beginner at the software. I have done a few things many times but have barely dipped my toe in the water when it comes to most of the functionality.

Having watched today’s video, I became quite excited – this is exactly what I was hoping to find a few years ago after an amazing trip to the southern hemisphere. I had hundreds of amazing photos. All of which I now find that I have somehow deleted. I found I had uploaded a few on a photo site (now low quality, unfortunately) so will use those for this class.

1. The background is a photo of a floor on a boat that we took around the lake in Queenstown.

2. Not a very flattering photo in so many ways…but here we are on an incredible day in Milford Sound. Due to a snowfall the night before, only eighty of us were on the huge boat. And it was the ONLY boat on the Sound.

3. I found a Maori tattoo image that I cleaned up a bit and then inserted three times with various degrees of opacity to simulate a stamp.

4. Found some water drops that I duplicated several times going down the center of the page.