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cindy harris
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I love any kind of Potatoes even if they are yams. yipppeeee I dont think I had a problem one, and there again was No fussing. Only Fun. I am there on this part 🙂 yipppeee again no Fussin. 🙂 I liked your spatter of dots so copied them and put them in mine, and I made it a tube too, and put tiny lil ones everywhere I love Tubes the most. First time it was Only fun. thank YOU…

Marcia Beautiful Baby, I have 9 and I cant hug them their parents bring them over and I hugged their backs. But I am a Granny that picks them up if I can. But I am so hands on its hard. And so Scary right now. Loved everyone’s work too.

Carole I had no problems at all on last 2 and I did it your way. Loved it. thank YOU