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Marica Law
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Good morning. A little behind the times, but I am working on catching up. First time using PSP so I had to figure out how to save a photo as 600. Not sure I’ve done it right but I have uploaded our new grandchild which unfortunately we have not been able to hold – yet.

I chose a background of light grey and closed both the Learning Center & Organizer. Windows has been “untabbed,” ruler has been checked and the 300 ppi was the default setting. I left the materials palette as it is.

I am not a scrap booker but I would like to learn how to create some interesting keepsakes for the photos that I take or have been sent. We also have 2 other grandchildren who unfortunately are in another country and we can only visit by FaceTime. I would like to send them their ‘shared’ photos back as a keepsake and if possible get them involved in creating their keepsakes – ages 8 and 12.

I am looking forward to learning a lot.

Stay safe.