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Jose Marquez
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Took me a while since I was busy today as I am at home in quarantine but doing work…LMAO. That said, I made a table background, created a placemat from the texture that PSP gives us by creating a layer and then selecting an area. I then Put the paint bucket in the middle of the selected area and just clicked it a few times to get it to the level where there was no opacity , gave some shadow as light never hits straight in most cases to plates, cup, utensils sandwich and amenities, plus in my household the silverware never goes straight. Made a napkin, did a little mesh and then added the pig from the tube section. Most of it on their own layer. I took the top bread and duplicated and changed the layer to multiply to give it a darker looking bread. Then I saved it as .jpg so I can upload. Well that is all I can remember……. enjoyed doing the lesson.