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Sue T, we’ll get another treat in having such great nature photos to look at!

Glenson, you might discover a new hobby in scrapbooking, especially if you are already taking and editing photos! Scrapbooking is a different way to showcase and then share the photos and the stories that go along.

Fiona, welcome back. if you had gone through a few lessons last time, it will probably be easier this time around. If you ever have a problem with a message, simply post about it and since I receive an email for EVERY post, I will see it and come fix it as needed.

Sue Ogden, nice to see someone transitioning to digital scrapbooking. Downsizing is often one motivator to go from traditional to digital as it takes up so much less space! Looking forward to the robin’s journey!

Cindy, welcome back. Another time around, and you will surely find things to be easier now.

Raiileen, you will find that creating an album for your children and grandchildren can become addictive! Just a trick: think of all those fun stories you would tell in a family gathering, then write them down. Each story can deserve its own page down the line.

Isabel, looking forward to your first scrapbook pages!

Darcy, although we won’t go into too much details about editing the photos, you can make them pop in the way you will display them. Untabbing the document is a big help when working on scrapbook projects as you will juggle several images at once.

Krystyna, typically, it is just simpler to use the Visual tab as it shows how your text will look. The Text tab is mostly if you want to use some html code for your text. Don’t worry about it! As you can see, even in a first lesson, you found ways to make your workspace more suitable for you.

Lynda, welcome back and I’ll have to look at that snipping tool. You got me curious!

Robert, welcome to “the good side” 🙂 Joking aside, may I ask what prompted you to move away from Photoshop? I’ll look and see if I can either find a better tutorial for the Refine brush or if I can make one myself.

Dan, you are right, there are similarities between Photoshop and PaintShop Pro, so if you are a bit familiar with one, the other won’t be a total learning curve. Do you know that a lot of scrapbook layouts can be combined into slideshows for videos when one only has still pictures? So if you have videos too, you can definitely combine both into stunning projects!

Mary, tomorrow, you will practice some more with the Layers. Once the concept is understood, the rest will simply make more sense. It just has to “click” in your head and then, there is no turning back: you will never forget. Looking forward to tomorrow’s lunch 🙂

Sally, looking forward to seeing the layouts for your granddaughter. She is cute!