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Krystyna Nicholls
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Hi there – homework for today completed.  My preferences are to stay with a black background, I have got used to that. Although I may change to the medium grey depending on the images I am working with, now that I know how to do this.  I am keeping all the pallets, except the help pallet which I have closed off.  I have also changed the settings to use the classic material pallet. Changed the default resolution to 300 pxls/inch.

I like to keep the Manage/Adjust/Edit tabs in PSP x9.  I use the Manage tab a lot when I want to check the photos in my folder.  I also like the organiser panel along the bottom when I am editing photos, albeit if I find I do not have enough workspace, I will close that off, and just use the Manage tab.

I have now unchecked the “Tabbed Documents”, so that I can open more than one image in the workspace.  I wondered why I could only open image at a time.  Sometimes PSP has a habit of changing things, or I have clicked a button that I am not aware of and wonder when I next open it up why a setting has changed!

Thank you for the cheat sheet.  Very useful as these options I had forgotten about.

The two photos I will  use are in my earlier posting today. The butterfly and bumble bee.