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Krystyna Nicholls
  • 23
  • Rookie

Hi everyone, this is my first time to bootcamp.  I see that there are two tabs for posting “visual” and “text”.  I am typing this up under the “visual” tab, please let me know if it should go under the “text” tab.  I notice that there are different settings ie there is no upload for pictures under the “text” tab.

I have used PSP for a few years now, but I tend to only go on it when I have a project to do like putting together a digital photo album for a member of the family who has a significant birthday coming up.  So each time I need a refresher, and scrapbooking came my way, ideal for a photo album project.

I am currently using Corel Painshop Pro X9.  They keep bringing out new updates, but find I haven’t mastered the one I already have!  I know there is so much more to learn to these programmes, but I get by with making some basic fixings to my photos.  The two photos I shall use are ones that I took of a butterfly and bumble bee on a dandelion and flower respectively.  Looking forward to learning with  you all …