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Bonnie Ballentine
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Lynda, thank you for your comments. First, I did not photograph the Blue Angels. I did see them fly over between hospitals but I d/l the photos from the web. I knew they were doing the flyover but forgot about it until they flew over us. It was a great experience.

I love to photograph the wildlife. I was lucky with the afternoon in the page above. I went out to photograph the Tree of Heaven and on the way saw the deer and the fox. Some of our deer are pretty tolerant of our presence. I have a lens that will zoom to 200 mm. I often use a small point and shoot that has a great zoom but this time I used a digital SLR.

I live in a community where all the lots are 5 acres…really not too far out. Until recently only 9 lots were developed…there are 17 in all…now the vacant lots are being sold and developed. I think our days of lots of wildlife are numbered…makes me sad. There is a 17 acre lot on our road that goes down to the river…it is not in our HOA and is not likely to be developed anytime soon. That should help some to maintain our wildlife for awhile.

I love your out of bounds with the weave photos. I checked out the tutorial/class site you used…looks great but I don’t have time to devote to that many lessons and it would not be fair to inconvenience a mentor.

It always makes me happy to see all the beautiful work presented here. Carole, you are a great teacher and your students are very accomplished!