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Annie Tobin
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Lynda, I love your out of bounds pics, all are beautifully executed. While I love the cleanness of Cassel’s technique there are some advantages to the other. I guess it all depends on what you are wanting to achieve.
I have Windows10, PSP2020 and PicToPainting plugin. I had a play around with it this morning and once I had remembered how to work it the results were fine. For me, it picks up the active picture which is then displayed on the left of the PtoP screen. I then select which option I would like to preview from the bottom menu and then click on preview. If I like what I am seeing then I click send and close and it changes the active picture in PSP to my selection if I don’t like it then while I am in PtoP I hit the reset button and make another selection. I noted that the plugin prefers to be reset during play otherwise it seems to fail! Is this how you are working with your plugin? Just lately my pc has been doing a lot of strange things and I am sure it has a lot to do with Windows 10 updates! Stay safe and well my friend. <3