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Ups, another try, a few minutes ago I killed my post completely, just trying to rearrange my pictures.

Hi all together,
@ trish, annie, bonnie, dorothy, minka, michele, corrie still very creative and beautiful results :-)!!
@ michele, I know Malika Favre too, she is a fabulous artist.

Carole mentionned recently the pic-to-painting plug in (Campus update, end of April) and I remembered I did the download monts ago but never tried to work with. It is a very simple and quick way to have nice effects on your photos. I got a high resolution on my monitor but still don’t see the last button (save & finish). I followed Carole’s advice using the tab key. Sometimes you need to be patient or to use the tab key a second time (freezing somehow) to see the result in PSP. It’s worth to play with.
Here the link if you might be interested:
A few and quick examples I tried with “soft pastels” and “stained glasses”. But there is much more to discover!