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Bonnie Ballentine
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Good afternoon, Everyone! More rain here…I should go out and get some photos…so I could do the rain challenge. I never think to find pics online. Anyway, beautiful and very creative work you folks are doing. I do enjoy seeing your creativity.

Another backyard…this time it is mine. I went out yesterday to photograph the Tree of Heaven and on the way I ran into a deer with last year’s fawn and a fox.

The deer in the middle row is the same doe, different photos. The deer in the bottom row is her fawn from last year. If you look closely, you will see buttons on the top of his head. She is definitely pregnant so she will soon run him off…because he is male. Often the female yearlings will remain with their Mom until the next rut in the Fall.

The tree is the Tree of Heaven. It is an invasive species…a real pest. I will begin the fight to get rid of the ones on my property…there are tons so this will be a long fight. The flowers are pretty but they occur at the top of large trees so cannot be easily enjoyed. The photo bottom left is a blossom that fell…probably because of the rain and wind we have had.

Also pictured are a red fox and a Titmouse. The fox was on the way to hunt our squirrels. When he saw me, he headed off somewhere else. I was surprised I got any picture at all of the Titmouse…they flit so fast and seldom stay still.

Again, a template with many layers deleted. I just can’t see flowers, ribbons, etc. with wildlife. I think they look great with a lot of layouts…just not this one