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Mary, it is quite ok to practice. It will make you feel a bit more comfortable with those tools and functions and steps.

Cristina, since there is no deadline, you can’t be “late” 🙂 Keep posting!

Isabel, we’ll be waiting for you inside the membership. There is SO much more content, lessons and classes to explore: you can be quarantined for another 6 months and won’t go through everything!

Dorothy, beware of the distorted photos. I see that the part that is in the title is correct, while the larger photo IS distorted. DO NOT “fit the image to the frame”. There is probably some parts of the photo that will be “cut off” on the edges, but that is NORMAL. HERE is the article on resizing correctly.

Corrie, for the outline using the leaves, if you see the element being unevenly spaced, and you want them even, you can change the setting for “Placement” when you select the tube, and change it from “Random” to “Continuous”. I love how you created the SUMMER word at the bottom!

Royanne, even if you master the technique, there is always a matter of matching the right word, the right font and the right photo, so it is not always easy to pull off. But at least, now that you know how to do it, if you come up with the right photo in the future, you will know one way to display it.

Annie, I am sure that although you liked to have your brain active during these days, for some, it might have been a little “torture” 😉 But it is all meant to be inspiring and informative.

Marie-Claire, usually, I would say that you could have added some shadows to separate all the papers, but in your case, the choice of the “papers” lends itself very well to the look of a magazine, where you rarely will see shadows. This is a good example of when something usual, is not always necessary.

Shirley, yes, sometimes less is more. But remember to add the details about the photo (source, date, etc.) when you can (and it is meaningful).

Cindy, that little man has been squished!! You know, all those little stickers on the right (and all over) could use a little shadow to show them as stickers, and even the paperclips too. Give them some volume!

Gerry, good use of the picture in text. You managed to get the heads in the right place.

Lynda, for the curly ribbon, you might want to review the module 5 of the Basic Scrap Course. It has specific steps for that particular type of shadow.

And remember to fill out the survey!