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Dorothy Donn
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As I said I only got thru pages 1 to 6 and truly enjoyed the trip.

Jnet, Lydia, Sue,Jackie,Minka (congrats on the new house), Isabel,Marie Claire (we share the same middle name),Royanne. Bonnie,Alicia, Annie (glad you aare doing better my friend),Shirley, Gerry (such attractive great nieces and nephews), Jeanny, Trish, Mars (I like golf too), Lynda, Royanne (What an apple picker you have:),Corrie (I love those cherry trees and this year they had a great bloomimg here), Alicia (Did you get to AZ when all the cactus were in bloom?), Jackie (Great tribute to your momma),Vicki (You made the coffee when I made the tea <grins>),Rita, (nice work on Greece), Shelia (Great pictures of Stonehedge), Euka, Leslie(Thank you for making masks and gowns), Bihg hugs foryou all for great works!!