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Reply To: What are you working on (in April 2020)?

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Annie Tobin
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Hello Scrapbook Campers.  I have been playing around with different aspects of PSP and decided to have another go at Cassel’s text confetti script and, lo and behold, it worked.  I have noticed with PSP2020 that it will do that on occasion … fail one day at a particular task and come good after a night’s rest … like all of us I suppose, 🙂  Anyway … I tried it out using the papers from Bonfire Memories a Pixel Scrapper kit and this is the result.  The bottom result was achieved by using the picture tube  on a full size page and then scaling the page down after merging.  The result on the top was achieved by scaling down the page first then adding the text confetti and merging.  The font used is Teardrop.  This is a terrific script which gives lovely results and is extremely versatile … when … PSP decides to let it work properly that is!  ;D