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Sue Thomas
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And here is my day 7.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.  The pages posted by everyone have been  very creative and an inspiration to us all.  well done.  This one was is meant to be a tag. I used as many fonts as I could. The heart on the frame,  the quote, even the white bird in the top  corner is a font.  I  replicated the tutorial, but it wasn’t going to work for this particular project, so  using  the text tool, I used several photos to fill the word bird. Thank you Carole for all the  hard work you put into  challenge.  Well done  Royanne on spotting the third  ground squirrel.  Annie, I’m going to have send you a magnifying glass, or perhaps binoculars!!!!!   🙂  hahaha lol.  He’s actually in the centre of the of the background photo.  I purposely took the photo to use  in the project.  He is peeping from his hole. I’m pleased to  hear you are on the mend.

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