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Royanne Hewko
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GREAT inspiration, I really enjoy looking at everyone’s projects.  Thanks for sharing.

Day 5, once again I learned a lot.   Did not know how to separate the text by such a simple click.  Sweetpea was our minature pony, she died last year.   But the girls had lots of fun riding her.   They were riding around the yard and Ally was slowly loosing her balance as they went.   Green paper and peas from a purchased kit.   When I was done it did not appeal to me.  So added a layer and applied the airbrush with a bit darker green.  The picture with Ally leaning was to the right and did not work with frame position I wanted.   So I duplicated the picture and moved the wall to the left, it worked out good.  I have a brad template and added Sweetpea’s head to it, that did not turn out to good, it is ok.  I tried putting designed paper behind the text to pull in the colours but it did not look good.  I ended up leaving the text on the main paper and I really like the effect.  Thanks Carole a great way to show off our work in the TITLE.