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Jnet, very simple yet effective!

Lydia, interesting facts that we learn. You might want to add more shadows on your title considering how much you added to the photos themselves.

Sue, great match with the flowers you chose.

Jackie, to get a smoother look, you could have a bevel only on the outline and none on the inside.

Minka, because your background is a bit dark, you could consider adding more shadows to the title, so it would be more visible.

Isabel, did you fill the center with something else? Maybe you did, but it is so much similar to the background that it does not really stand out.

Marie-Claire, a bit more shadows on the title would make the whole montage a bit more consistent since you do have shadows on the other elements.

Royanne, fun layout. Great job!

Bonnie, the text at the bottom is a bit hard to read. Is that only due to the resizing?

Rita, it is strange that the two layers don’t match. Did you use the exact same font with the same attributes? Maybe you changed one attribute along the way?  I looked at your pspimage file you sent me and that is what I see too. Not sure how you arrived to that result.

Alicia, using a gradient is also a great idea.

Annie, the background is a bit dark to show something delicate but it still works.

Cindy, HERE is a tutorial on how to use templates.

Shirley, nice spring time project.