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cindy harris
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Hi Carole, 

  Well it’s been hours, I will admit I do not know how to use a template but I did d/l it, and open it in my work window looks great but I don’t know how to use it. Been trying to figure out what size to open for the other numbers I know the first is 3600 for the top title. Did that a dozen times, Tried a dozen times to get my work to instead of a color to use my tacos to fill instead of the blue, no go. In the past I got it to recconize a picture I wanted to use as a fill but not now. Long story short. I failed. Hours didn’t even watch tv tonight no biggie there I have hulu, just so frustrating when you can get past go at all. So today’s a fail, my eyes are to tired now its over 6 hrs have to stop. Maybe tomorrow I an produce something. so Frustrated. Maybe it’s to advanced for me heck maybe ha I don’t even know how to use a template I copied it an pasted it into a 3600 3600 work frame and it just turned it black. I really want to do this maybe i can after i sleep. Everyone’s works great 🙂 Guess my psp ultimate hates me today 🙁 ok pouting maybe tomorrow I can do it.