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cindy harris
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Hello Everyone,

LOVE Our Carole and I am so looking forward to the 20th.   I really Love Carole, I found her when I got shut in funny how it all just happened so glad it did.   At Christmas I bought me Corel 2020 ultimate I also got other programs, and I havnet even opened them once.  But beause Of Carole, I opened and found her how Lucky I am.  

Carole, I Love your Teddybear I love that your Grandbaby will have that from their Grandmother.  I hope it gets to go on to your Great Grandbaby.    I looked up your surgery, glad that came out good.     As always YOUR Rock.


Trish where are you?   You signed up right?   I am so looking forward to this hope you will be there.     


   Cyber hugs all.