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Dorothy Donn
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I admit I have not visited as much so I went all the way back to March 10th. Here are my numerous comments:

Minka: The Vase is beautiful. It truly would go perfect in my dining room.
Living so close to Norfolk tug boats really fascinate me. I love yours.
I was blown away by your Mnodes. What a contrast! Love it.. Your series of first hand social distancing made this crisis up front and personal. I just saw your owls. Wow I guess I too need to learn more about lace.

Bonnie: That two year is so cute. He look a wee bit mischievous too. I used to have to do the bulletin board so I totally understand. 89th Betty birthday WoW! Made the idea of hiking in Colorado seem like an everyday thing but nicely done as well. Your sunrise was so serene

Trish: Your papers are so pretty and I just loved those swans. You irish page was well green lol. No I relly like that one too. That late night was worth the time for sure and the stars ne does look faded. I have had that happen a couple of times as well. I just saw Dreams. A wee bit dark from you usual but I loved the golden touch which I think always looks better with dark colors.

Helen: Your memories of your mom tugged on mine. No matter how old we get we will always miss them so very much.

Christina: That is the best use of slats I have ever seen. Well done

Sue: I will never get enough of your wildlife. That tiny just want to hold him/her.
I guess I will have to try that script you all are talking about so much.

Lynda: I truly enjoy Cassel’s bow & ribbon scripts. They totally induce hypnosis watching them.
Your playing with the Photo Splash script on my second favorite flower was most interesting. What you then did with the iriss was fantastic.

Annie: Your puffin was pure fun. I loved your changes to him too. He has to be a male all puffed up like that. <nod nod>

Every One:  Have you seen the corona virus scrapbook kit online yet? What are you thoughts about such a kit? Is it tacky? tasteless? or timely?