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Sue Thomas
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I’m very much a morning person,  5am is  the best time of day.  As the sun rises earlier and earlier so do I.  It’s the best time of day to shoot anything and everything.  Vitamin D on your body will do you the power of good Annie.  Just being outside is a tonic in itself Annie.  Hope you perk up soon.  Now then, back to the challenge.  After a  full morning in the garden, and picked up tree branches from the wind we had a few days ago.  Evening meal prepared I  got down to creating  my page.  I had ample time  to plan my page whilst outside.  I focused on  Peter Pan sculpture.  I created everything myself, well other than the  book which I got  off pgntree, and a pic of the book cover from Amazon. Lots of different techniques involved, text on a curve, label, outlined text, masks,  masked flowers is my  own photo, gradient for background paper, frames using rectangle preset shape and a silhouette of Peter pan I found online. I found  the two photos of the Long Water and garden from the Kensington site.  I think that’s it.  It all came together quite quickly. Creating the page also took me  down memory lane.  Thank you Annie for being my partner.  We’ll have to do it again! I  do hope that you approve Annie.  Be careful, and stay safe my dear!

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