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Annie Tobin
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Hi Trish. I am doing fine for now my friend. The copd plays up a bit especially in the morning and early evening … that is the norm for me now. Our supermarkets had stopped the click and collect a couple of weeks ago which was the main way that I shopped but I think the Aussie Government has convinced them to bring it back online for the vulnerable. The last time I was in the supermarket there was very little in the meat isle and the toilet paper, tissue and hand sanitizer shelves were empty. My daughter and I have agreed to shop on a “as need” basis seeing as the supermarkets are remaining open. Huge job losses here in Australia so the recession has set in big time. I remember when my parents and grandparents talked about the great depression and I never thought that I would see similar. I do grow a few herbs but I think I will grow a few veggies as well … one never knows! Australia has closed their state borders so no travel interstate and borders will be policed strictly. Fines of up to $15,000 may apply and with the dollar value dropping I don’t think people will be too keen to push the button. Sorry to hear that you have no food! Are you able to access any other form of help? No matter what restriction or help is offered there are always those who slip through the loop and you may be one of them Trish … you need to holler loud and clear! Take good care my friend. At least here on the campus we can talk about our woes. Much love. <3