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Thank you, Annie. You always say the most encouraging things and I sure appreciate it. Henri was one of triplets, he had a sister and a brother. Their mother (which I helped raise, too) made her den six feet off the end of my deck. I know she did this on purpose as she knew I would help her. She only had three working legs. I set up little feeding stations on my deck for them along with everything else I fed. One night I had 29 raccoons, a deer, two gray fox and a skunk all eating peaceably on my deck. The skunk was the only ornery one and I would open the kitchen window and holler at her to settle down and she did. You could never tell me they didn’t know they had a good thing going on. Even the skunk brought her young by one day – full sun – and lined them up on the top stair and made noises for me to come look. I did … and then she marched them away single file. Was one of the cutest things I’ll ever remember.