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Annie Tobin
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Hello my Scrapbook Campus Friends. Australia is very slowly succumbing to the virus as are most nations from what I hear. There are so many differing restriction laws bouncing around from nation to nation that it only serves to confuse most of us.

New Zealanders responded very quickly and I applaud them. It is interesting that the over populated country of India was managing to contain the virus but it would appear on this morning’s news that their numbers are rapidly growing.

Here in Australia we have been asked to restrict our excursions, limiting them to essential only, such as doctor, pharmacy and supermarkets. We have also been asked to maintain a 4 square meter distance between each other. Can you imagine how that rule would apply in India! The supermarket shelves are sadly empty of a lot of items … toilet paper, tissues, hand sanitizers and ground/minced meat. I am not sure why the meat is on that list but at times like these … go figure! Games, concerts and any public gatherings have been cancelled. Our Prime Minister was most ashamed of the panic buying and gave those Aussies responsible a well deserved slap on the wrist via a dressing down on national tv. Unfortunately, a lot of people become self absorbed during these times … hopefully I do not venture down that track.

I am in self isolation for 2 weeks as I collected two friends from the airport on Thursday. They had arrived back to Hervey Bay from Sydney (an Australian hot zone) after disembarking off a cruise ship which has since been declared as COVID-19 impacted. We had a 2 hour trip from Hervey Bay to Bundaberg in the confined space of a car so I think it only fair that I keep myself away from the public. I will be 68 in June and I have copd so a little comprised there.

It is a sad time for planet Earth and it’s inhabitants. I wish everyone the very best of health and may your inner peace over-ride any fears during these times. Please know that you are always in the perfect space for you!

Hugs and Love …… Annie T