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Diana Craft
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Hello my friends, I’ve been gone so long and am so far behind because I have been having terrible computer problems and I don’t see how I am ever going to catch up.  Carole, at least I found why I have been having so much trouble signing in, it was not only my keyboard but my mouse too, which isn’t surprising since I bought them together years ago.  I went on Amazon and bought a combo wireless keyboard and mouse, which I just love, unfortunately,  I encountered a catastrophic error and got the dreaded blue screen and got locked out of my computer, it has taken me days to get everything back.

I’m so far behind I’m not even going to try to catch up for this round, I’ve just been practicing in some of the areas that are giving me a problem. This is a page I’ve wanted to highlight for a long time. This is our first grandson, when my daughter left an abusive marriage they moved in with us for over a year and he did everything my husband did, even reading the newspaper with his Grampa every day while Bill drank his morning coffee; I don’t know if you can see that the paper is upside-down.

I’ve been reading back thru all the posts that I missed, so many gorgeous designs, wonderful interpretations and all so unique. I’m re-watching all the videos to make note of the different things I’ve learned, it is quite impressive.
I hope everyone keeps busy and stays safe.
hugs, Diana